Excellence In Business Series

The University of Waikato’s Centre for Corporate and Executive Education is holding a series of lectures in which industry leaders talk about their experiences and how they have navigated through today’s complexity of change. Each presenter will be aligned with the papers taught in the University’s MBA programme and there will be a strong practical focus.

1-2pm, Friday 12 August 2011 – Leanne Pickering, KPMG
Organisation design to support high performance
MSB1.01, Waikato Management School, Gate 7, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton

Organisation design and development is the art and science of developing, implementing and integrating organisational structures and systems that deliver the capabilities and performance required by the organisation’s strategic intent. To support the development of high performing teams there needs to be a strategic alignment, design and model that supports the team. Accountabilities and metrics are an integral part of this process. Leanne leads the ‘People & Change Advisory Services’ for KPMG. She has considerable experience in consulting and line management roles across a number of industries. Leanne has been involved in a several large scale organisation design projects and will provide insight into what works in practice.

1-2pm, Friday 26 August 2011 – Perry Woolley, KPMG
Project management to drive strategy
MSB1.01, Waikato Management School, Gate 7, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton

Business leaders should be aware that, when talking about strategic planning, investment appraisal, capital budgeting, new product development, organisational change, mergers, acquisitions and outsourcing etc, they are talking about initiatives that are executed through projects. Project management is a key strategic tool to drive initiatives and reap business benefits. Those organisations that understand the importance of excelling at project management will out-perform the opposition. Perry will discuss these issues in light of KPMG’s survey on the state of project management in NZ, other global perspectives and some case-studies.

1-2pm, Friday 9 September 2011 – Marc Potter, KPMG
What is strategy and what is its purpose?
MSB1.02, Waikato Management School, Gate 7, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton

Organisations deploy “strategy” initiatives in addressing many different types of issues. What is the meaning of strategy, what is its purpose and how does an organisation move from a strategic insight to actualisation? Marc will discuss these concepts in the context of NZ as well as global enterprises, the use of frameworks and the role of strategist as change agent.

1-2pm, Friday 23 September 2011 – Michael Turner, CEO, Eventfinder Ltd
How Eventfinder became a successful multi-country business
MSB1.01, Waikato Management School, Gate 7, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton

Digital strategist and successful entrepreneur, Michael is Chief Executive of Eventfinder Ltd - a technology platform for promotion, syndication and ticketing for the events and live entertainment industry. Eventfinder has a dominant position in the New Zealand market, with a Top 30 website and syndication partnerships with major media including Yahoo, MSN, APN and Fairfax. The Eventfinder platform has been successfully licensed in Europe and is currently expanding into Australia and Asia. Michael will be telling the story of how he built Eventfinder into a successful multi-country business from his kitchen table using the JFDI methodology.

1-2pm, Friday 7 October 2011 – Russell Stanners, CEO, Vodafone
The importance of company culture
MSB1.01, Waikato Management School, Gate 7, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton

An organisation’s values shape and determine its destiny. Hear from Vodafone New Zealand’s CEO, Russell Stanners, about leading the journey to have every one of the company’s people living ‘The Vodafone Way’. Russell will recount how the organisation has transformed into one which understands why putting the customer at the heart of everything is key to improving business performance.

1-2pm, Friday 18 November 2011 - James Marsh, CFO Vodafone
The evolution of a CFO
MSB 1.02 – Waikato Management School, Gate 7, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton

The role of a CFO has changed significantly over the years and continues to evolve. James will discuss this evolution and how he invests the majority of his time with the Vodafone executive providing insight into the commercial imperatives underlying strategic decisions. He will also talk about how the breadth of back office functions a CFO must lead has expanded to include new areas of commercial risk such as security and fraud.

Places are limited – please RSVP to execed@waikato.ac.nz or 0800 800 891 at least one week before the presentation. Details for parking will be advised on receipt of confirmation.