Norm Mayo - Katikati Community Board

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Norm Mayo
I’m a fifth generation in Katikati, with a lifetime of public service and love the place.
I have strong views on democracy, customer service, and plain common sense. 
I am someone who listens and someone who cares.
I am passionate against high rates, council debt, and over spending without sufficient public consultation.
An individual cannot easily effect change, so I helped restart the ratepayers association, believing as a team we can make a huge difference.
Thames/Coromandel, with a strong political team, have held there rates for 6 years, while still maintaining services.  It could and MUST happen here.  High rates, debt, traffic density, parking, subdivision, planning for economic growth, and a strong push to change the culture of council need strong public support.
Better concentration on core functions, planning, belt tightening, and les bureaucracy would benefit us all
I need you support, thanks.