Gwenda Merriman - Mayor for Western Bay Of Plenty

Gwenda Merriman-44R-612

Gwenda Merriman
Serving as your Deputy Mayor, I have represented Council across the region on official bodies and organisations, building valuable relationships at a personal level.
This experience has convinced me of the need to see the big picture for the good of the whole Western Bay. As Mayor, I will provide the continuity and connectedness necessary to keep the needs and aspirations of the Western Bay to the fore.
My focus and impartiality will help ensure each community is represented equally at the top level – fairly and without favour.
I support affordable investment in key infrastructure, innovation and jobs, as well as improved community facilities, but only as part of a balanced approach that promotes our special lifestyles, rates affordability, community diversity and our natural environment.
I have a personal stake in the region as a farmer, a home-maker and as an export-focused businesswoman. Please visit my website