Garry Webber - Mayor for Western Bay of Plenty

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Garry Webber
Offering experienced, pragmatic leadership.  Educated at Tauranga Boys, Garry pursued a successful business career primarily in agriculture, plus he’s served two terms at Council.

He is wanting real change.“We can’t ignore the population growth, yet with some of the highest rates in New Zealand, we can’t just put our hand out to ratepayers for more.” We need to be more efficient, listen to the community, and adopt best practice from others, not reinvent the wheel. In my business life I was constantly challenged to do more with what I had, and it’s that approach I am good at. 

Think smarter - engage smarter - work smarter.  The status quo is no longer an option.  I believe in lean enterprise, leaning-in communities and leaning-on best practice ideas. With your vote, I’m committed to 1000 plus days of service and leadership to drive the real change we all want and deserve.