Brendan Gibbs - Katikati Community Board

Rev Brendan Gibbs (2)

Brendan Moreland Gibbs
The task of representing your community comes with many challenges. I believe it is important to meet and hear the views of community members; this will be my 9th year.
Progress in the town centre will ensure our town retains a strong heart, which is vital for our vibrant caring community. This means prudent budgeting to reduce expenditure to rate payers.
Our town has much vitality and I am actively involved in community groups as a volunteer.
They are the Katikati Fire Brigade, Health Trust, St John Ambulance Area committee, Cycle and trail group and chaplaincy roles in St John, Fire Brigade, RSA and local rest homes.
I have good rapport with people through my work, my community roles, and sporting interests. I am comfortable with different age groups and cultures, which I believe helps me to represent and serve the community as a whole.