Ben Warren - Katikati Community Board

Ben Warren1

Ben Warren
Ben Warren (44yrs); Married with two children.               
I was raised in Katikati, completed my schooling here and my family has resided here since 1977.

Currently I am a Self-employed Rural services provider and Orchardist/Beef farmer. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and served 15 years with the Australian Federal Government (Federal Investigator) and NZ Ministry for Primary Industries (MAF).

I am extensively involved with Katikati Sporting Clubs at Administrative and Coaching levels.

My priorities include;
  • Katikati Bypass approval and commencement.
  • Lobbying WBOP Council to revise budgetary targets to immediately plan to significantly reduce $140m+ debt.
  • Pursue an Independent review of Councils processes, budgeting and financial management.
  • Support the KK Ratepayers majority view that local rates should be frozen.
  • Resolve to further develop Katikati community infrastructure with common sense initiatives via increased community input and consultation.
  • Promote a safer community, particularly for youth and seniors.
  • Listen to the community!