About our District

Katikati’s History

Katikati was settled in 1875 by settlers from County Tyrone in Ireland through the Orange Institution. The settlement was established by the Irishman George Vesey Stewart, who led two groups of settlers there aboard the ships Carisbrook Castle (1875) and Lady Jocelyn (1878). The land upon which the town was built was bought from local Maori and was given to the settlers by the Central Government.

The settlement was formed from two distinct groups "the settlers useful and the settlers ornamental" referring to the tenant farmers and those with wealth. The settlement managed to withstand early economic problems and developed into a healthy town, based around farming and agriculture. To find out more about Katikati yesterday and today, visit the website www.katikati.co.nz.

For more information on the district contact the Katikati Archives 

interesting history link  www.tauranga.kete.net.nz/katikati_history

Katikati Today

Katikati, with a population close to 4,530 according to figures in June 2017, is situated 30 minutes drive north of central Tauranga. With some of the best scenery New Zealand has on offer combined with a temperate coastal climate, many people from around the country and the world are considering Katikati an ideal place to live, work and play.

Whether it's the tastes of the area's renowned horticultural products or spending time strolling the many unique walking tracks, the Katikati area offers something for everyone. To find out more visit the Katikati Visitor Information Centre, which offers an extensive range of information about Katikati and the wider Bay of Plenty region.

Katikati is known for its many murals painted on walls of commercial buildings, started in the 1990s as a project to regenerate tourist interest in the town and district, indeed the effort was recognised with the bestowal of New Zealand's 'Most Beautiful Small Town' award for towns of less than 8,000 population in 2005 by the Keep New Zealand Beautiful Society.

You can pick up visitor information and material regarding accommodation, shops and services as well as local and regional events. The Katikati Visitor Information Centre is open 7 day a week.