About Katch Katikati Incorporated

Our Vision: 

Katch Katikati is an innovative organisation supporting our quality lifestyle environment, embracing our historical and cultural heritage, and promoting Katikati as a destination of choice in conjunction with our community partners.

Our Mission:

Katch Katikati will promote Katikati and Katikati District to the benefit of all sectors of the community.

Our Objectives:

Innovation:   Katch Katikati will be the organisation that facilitates and collaborates co-operation between common groups to achieve common goals.

Supporting:   Katch Katikati will contribute and provide input into decisions made regarding community improvement.

Promotion:   Katikati will be a destination along the Pacific Coast highway, increasing visitor numbers of domestic and international travellers.

What we do

Administer www.katikati.org.nz website
Networking opportunities - BA5’s, business breakfasts
Children's competitions for retailers
Shop to win promo and retail promotions
Avocado cafe competition
Training opportunities
Representation to local authorities
Event promotion and marketing
Update calendar of events
Tourism Promotion of the Katikati District
Supporting community involvement
Collaborates co-operation between common groups
Maintain a local database
Maintain a local directory of services

Administer the bookings for the Katikati Memorial Hall & Lounge


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Jacqui Knight

(The one on the right)

Katikati Promotions Manager


Kristin Crockett

Katch Katikati Administrator

Katch Katikati Committee

Eris Boyack,  Cade Hughes, Kate Pfennig, Zoe Skayman, Dianne Connelly-Cook, Phil Hannagan, Brendan Gibbs, Kelly Franks