About Katch Katikati Incorporated

Our Vision: 

It is our vision to have an active and creative community where locals love to live, and visitors want to come back to.

Our Mission:

It is our mission to support and promote activities and opportunities that engage our community. 

Our Objectives:

Supporting:   We will contribute and provide input into decisions made regarding community improvement, and will seek to deliver results that benefit both individuals and the community.

Promotion:   We will promote Katikati as a destination along the Pacific Coast highway increasing visitor numbers of domestic and international travellers. 

Collaboration:  we will work with other through local and regional cross-sectoral links and partnerships to enhance community connections and collaborations and to achieve common goals. 

Inclusiveness:  we recognise that diversity is strength and will see to involve all people, as active participants in the community. 

Responsive: we will strengthen the efforts of individuals and groups to meet community needs and make a difference

What we do

Walk & Cycle Trail Development
Kaimai Kauri Connection Project
Business Awards
Creative Arts Centre Project
Newcomers Function (Kati Chat)
Main Street Flats
Christmas Decorations

NZ Mural Contest & Arts Festival
Spring Clean Event
Meet the Candidates 
Christmas Concert
Blokes n Sheds Ramble
ECHO Walking Festival
Avocado Cafe Competition 
Avocado Food & Wine Festival
Networking Functions

Community Support:
Western Bay Museum
Katikati Open-Air Art
Newsletters, Newspaper Columns, Social Media, Websites
Local agency Networking
Famil Trips
Retail Promotions


P1000319_1_1.JPG   IMG 6403a(copy)     Committee 2018-350   

Jacqui Knight

(The one on the right)

Katikati Promotions Manager


Kristin Crockett

Katch Katikati Administrator

Katch Katikati Committee

Eris Boyack,  Kristin Crockett (Admin), Dianne Connelly-Cook, Phil Hannagan, Jacqui Knight (Promotions Manager), Brendan Gibbs, Zoe Skayman, Kate Pfennig, Cade Hughes, Kelly Franks